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The popularity of group training is both good and bad.

It’s good because now people are conditioned to consider working with a coach as an option when just a few short years ago personal trainers & coaches were only for the affluent.

But it’s also bad because there are group programs on pretty much every corner and to the untrained eye they are all pretty much the same.

You need to differentiate your programming from the competition if you’re going to stand out and you need to have a reason to be able to charge more than your competition.

You need a competitive advantage…and Group Training Automator is it.

Let Us Program For You

Creating effective training programs takes time, but if you want to really be the best business in your market, it’s not something that can be done poorly.

So let us do it for you.

In the Group Training Automator we’ve included three Full Months of Done-For-You Programing for your Group Training business complete with progressions, regressions and videos to guide you every step of the way.

Now you can simply focus on the implementation of the program and coaching to it instead of having to churn out workout after workout.

Your Coaches Will Instantly Become Better

If you’ve ever had to hire a coach, you know how tough it can be.

Hiring experienced coaches means you have to get them forget what they’ve done in the past and adopt your training methodology or you’re essentially giving them the control over the results your clients are getting.

But if you hire coaches with no experience…they’re starting from a blank slate.

But by implementing the Group Training Automator, everyone is on the same page. You’re in or you’re out. It’s that simple.

Plus, because this is high quality programming, it will be really attractive to those smart, progressive coaches that you do want working for you.

And because your clients will be enjoying more success and engaged far more than in the past, it will raise the entire culture of your facility to one that stands apart and one your staff is truly proud to be a contributor to

You Will Be Able To Become The Premium Provider In Your Area

When you’ve got something that is visibly different and better than the competition…you can become the premium provider. The Group Training Automator will allow you to do that too.

The number of competitors in your area will continue to grow. But you can separate yourself from all of them by delivering a higher caliber training solution instead of just another run of the mill group workout.

No matter what market you’re in, the Group Training Automator will allow you to ascend to the top of it.

Here’s What You Get In The Group Training Automator

In the Group Training Automator you get a complete programming solution.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 5 Periodized Three-Week Long Training Phases
  • 5 Warm-Up Routines
  • Editable Programming Spreadsheet to Modify For Your Equipment and Client Demographic
  • Three Levels of Movement Difficulty in Every Program
  • Video Demonstration of All Movement Level

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee

Use the Group Training Automator for the next year. Use the full collection of done-for-you-programming. Test everything. If you’re not completely satisfied with it at any time in the next year we’ll give you your entire investment back. It’s that simple.

This will not only save you dozens of hours of programming, but it will also ensure that your programs are best in class. We guarantee it. If for one minute you disagree we’ll refund your investment immediately.

It’s Yours For Just $97

When we created the Group Training Automator, we wanted to make it accessible to any motivated fitness business owner who truly wants to deliver an extraordinary group training program.

This $97 price will increase to $197 on Friday June 24 at Midnight, and at that investment it’s still an incredible value. But during the launch of the Group Training Automator, we wanted to offer a special $100 discount for those who were ready to take action NOW and raise the quality of their training and their place in the market.

This Exclusive Opportunity Ends At Midnight On Friday June 24

This Exclusive Opportunity Ends At Midnight On Friday June 24 Until then you can gain Instant Access to the entire Group Training Automator package for just $97. Everything you need to deliver best in class programs.

Become the premium group personal training solution in your market and put the Group Training Automator into action in your business today









Brett Denton
Fitness & Performance Institute

P.S. – This is your chance to get our complete, plug-and-play Group Training Automator that powered my facilities and served over 1200 training clients.

P.P.S. – You can try the Group Training Automator for a full 365 Days and if it’s not the game changer that I’ve said it is, we’ll give you your entire investment back.


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