Get Instant Access To The Fitness Industry’s Best Staff Training System…FOR FREE
Get Instant Access To The Fitness Industry’s Best Staff Training System…FOR FREE
And Now You Can Finally Utilize This Game Changer To Deliver Better Results, Maximize Retention & Referral and Grow Your Business Without Compromising The Quality Of Your Service.
Have you ever wondered how some fitness businesses seem to be able to add coaches and never compromise the quality of their service?

The answer is simple…  

They Have A Coach Development System. 

Introducing the Expert Coaching System 
The is a complete, coaching development system that was designed for you, the fitness business owner who wants to build your Ideal Business from the inside-out by hiring and developing high quality trainers who can execute your training system at an elite level.

While most programs, products or certifications are designed to either give you a training system to use or teach you how to employ a certain tool effectively, The Expert Coaching System focuses on how you can hire and develop your own team of coaches…regardless of the programming or tools that you utilize. 

Fred Zoller has pulled back the curtain on exactly how he’s grown his business and developed a great team through a coaching driven approach…and he’s giving you the exact blueprint he’s followed so you can achieve the same results that he’s been able to accomplish without having to reinvent the wheel.  

Sure - you could try to adapt a bunch of other resources and programs to try to fit your unique needs and spend hours upon hours modifying something into a simple, system that allows you to transform your team’s performance and your business as a whole. But WHY waste your time? With the simple to follow plan inside the Expert Coaching System all you have to do put the system into action. EVERYTHING is laid out for you step-by-step. 

Here’s What You Get In The Expert Coaching System.

The Expert Coaching System is a comprehensive, professionally designed coaching development program where Fred personally coaches you through the first ever system specifically designed to do everything from onboard coaches to maximize their effectiveness.  

The magic of this system is in it’s ability to unlock the potential you and your team have to bring out the best in each client and to create true advocates for your business.  

You’ll get…
21 compact and concise videos used to educate you and your staff to coach with confidence while promoting your philosophy, building a strong team and giving you a system to do it.
12 PDF documents with notes to follow along with the video presentations to adapt to your facility and your ideal coaches.
You can modify this curriculum to ensure that your internship program and your interns are trained properly and ready to become world class coaches. Staff Meeting Template - Use this staff meeting template to execute very effective staff meetings with education and team building built in the format. Coaching Staff Evaluation Template - Use this template to evaluate your coaching staff and ensure that their performance is always top notch or constantly improving. Intern Requirements Template - Use this template to assist you with your hiring process to make sure you are getting your ideal coach. Internship Flyer Template - Use this flyer to execute an effective email or Facebook campaign to help get a steady flow of interns. 20 Qualities Of Expert Coaches - Take these 20 qualities and use the Expert Coaching System as a tool to slowly make sure you possess each one of them!

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) approved 0.4 CEU(s) or 4 contact hours for certified individuals who successfully complete the Expert Coaching System course.
If You’re STILL On The Fence, Please Consider THIS…

Here are the undeniable FACTS for most fitness business owners. You’re going to get burned out if you don’t do something. No one wants to train 50, 60 or even 70 hours a week for the next 30 years. You either have a team now or will eventually need to employ one…no one opens a business wanting to work 52 weeks a year and feel like they’re owned by their business.  

While most trainers and coaches will ignore these simple facts, the truth is that unless you hire coaches to help you, you’re almost assured of giving up completely due to burnout. But by plugging in a simple coaching system you can grow your business, create some freedom for yourself and finally have the business you’ve always wanted. 
The Expert Coaching System is sold everyday for $195 (you can see it here). If you want to get the entire Expert Coach System for free, plus get CEU’s, click the link below:
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